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About us

We are food enthusiasts and critics who believe that something was still missing to complete the experience of an Authentic Indian Cuisine. The three main pillars of hospitality (especially in restaurants) are: Ambience, Service and Taste. We at Kesari Indian Kitchen want to bring these 3 facets to you with garnish of our love for great food.

Veg Manchurian - Kesari Manor Lakes

What we serve best

We dont want to boast about our menu but we specialise in complete Indian style dishes (from up-north to down-south - from where sun rises to where it sets) and an unique hybrid collection of Indian - Chinese cuisine. We always keep introducing new and special dishes on our menu too.

Popular selection

From our menu

Papdi Chaat

Crispy wafers, potatoes and chickpeas tossed in yogurt and topped with sweet & sour sauces

Chicken Tikka

Boneless chicken marinated with yoghurt, blend of spices & barbequed in tandoor

Paneer Tikka

Cubes of cottage cheese marinated in yoghurt, kastoori methi & barbequed in tandoor

Butter Chicken

Chicken tikka pieces cooked in simmered gravy made of butter, tomato, cashew & cream

Kadai Paneer

Cottage cheese cooked in spicy masala gravy with onion, capsicum & red chillies.

Chicken 65 Biryani

Fusion of Indo-Chinese Chicken 65 and traditional biryani brings up this unique & exotic Biryani

Gosht Lehsuni

Fragrant, tender and succulent mutton dish intensely flavorful & tangy from the garlic

Veg Manchurian Sauce

Indo Chinese style dish tossed in Soya based sauce made with fresh ginger & garlic

Crispy Goat

Marinated goat strips tossed with red chilli, bell peppers & special blend of spices

Schezwan Noodles Vegetarian

Stir fried basmati rice tossed with veggies & chef's special scezuan sauce

Masala Dosa

Crispy crepé (Dosa) filled with savory filling of potato masala

Egg Chicken Dosa

Dosa cooked with egg spread and chicken mince filling

Pistachio Kulfi
Kesari Indian Curries
Kesari Chaat
Our food philosophy

We Believe

We are here to Build a community of conscious eaters that delight in our food and build a family at the same time. Always meet our guest face to face and smile when we say their name, they know a lot more than we ever could.

Kesari Indian Kitchen

Our Menu

Kesari Starter - Lets Chaat
Kesari Veg Noodles
Kesari Dessert

Kesari Manor Lakes,
Shop 36 Manor Lakes Central Shopping Center,
455 Ballan Road, Manor Lakes 3024

Open: 11:00 am – 10:00 pm
Call: 03 8714 4278
Mobile: 0434 442 781


Kesari Point Cook
Shop 401 Point Cook Town Centre,
1 Murnong Road, Point Cook 3030

Open: 11:00 am – 10:30 pm
Call: 03 8375 0000
Mobile: 0411 018 375


Kesari Woodlea
Shop 19, Woodlea Town
2 Lim Way Aintree 3336

Open: 11:00 am – 10:00 pm
Call: 03 7064 5554
Mobile: 0416 167 980